The Gate house Rye House

All that is left of a once grand house with links to royalty and the Rye house Plot in 1683

My Painting

I have been painting for many years. Although trained in graphic design and spent most of my career in photography my first passion is painting. My preferred medium is watercolour which often seems to have a life of its own, with many paintings a collaboration between me and the medium.

The challenge of painting in watercolour can be an unpredictable event. Good paintings creep up announcing their presence perhaps a day later when you look at your previous work with fresh eyes.

l likes to complete a paintings in a rapid style using wet into wet which gives the paintings a sparkle with vibrant colours without being overworked.

I have been exhibiting work at local art societies and have enjoyed a steady success of sales and encouragement. I have dipped my toes into the world of demonstrating but as yet not dived in but always open to invitations.

The majority of my work is from life and very rarely uses photographs as I love the challenge of the moment. Some paintings become cherished, a visual diary and though paintings are sold they are never forgotten.

“My watercolour’s, a collection of incorrect brush strokes chasing the essence of a vision “