My Orchids

Along with my wife, we have been growing orchids for 32 years and have been a member of the Orchid Society of Great Britain for a number of those. Over that time my collection has changed and I am currently interested in South American orchids. I have always preferred species to hybrids and like to acquire small plants and grow them on. My 17 x 10ft greenhouse is full of plants and available space is constantly shrinking. Luckily my latest interest in miniature orchids means more plants can still be accommodated. I have been an accredited judge for 20 years and took part in the Singapore World Orchid Conference in 2011. Recently I have started giving talks on orchid culture to gardening clubs and local orchid societies, I have a number of presentations. I am an active member of Lea Valley Orchid Society and hold a number of positions on their committee. I have designed and staged many displays at the Royal Horticulture Society in London, all receiving medals. Over countless years I have fended off Henry Oakeley’s advances to join the OSGB committee but in a moment of weakness succumbed. The position on the council will be a challenge, but an enjoyable one with an opportunity to broaden my acquaintances, as I look for experts in their field who are able to deliver a good presentation.

My orchid collection

Oncidium hastilabium The plant was bought bare rooted three years ago and was allowed to flower this year as previously its roots system had not been established.

My Greenhouse Collection

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