Overdue Spring clean the greenhouse

Last summer I gave a short presentation regarding my greenhouse set up and while I was compiling photographs to illustrate my presentation it soon became clear, my green house was becoming a mess. I had to retake photos avoiding all the detritus which had built up over time. I was well overdue to clean up the house. The dirt on the floor became slippery and a hazard but also reduced the reflective light. The algae on the poly-carbonate also reduced the light levels. Pots were squashed precariously on pebble trays. Due to the limited space many of the larger Oncidiums are hung from the roof giving them plenty of light, air movement and drainage but this makes it difficult to reach many of the plants below them. In this section the orchids mainly sit in gravel trays which is not ideal and I will need to place layer of mesh between the gravel and the pots

The cool section

The double glaze poly carbonate is great at insulation however the unsealed edges allowed moss to build up and when wet, cold water dripped onto the orchids below.

Cleaned greenhouse

New shelving added

I set about clearing out the cool section which took two days to remove the orchids, fit shelving, clean and replacing the orchids. I still have the intermediate section to start, it may happen next year now!!

Next to tackle the intermediate section

With the cool section is brighter, cleaner and more organized it is time for the next section

How do you get rid of mealybugs and other pests