Watercolour Paintings

I thought it was about time I put together a small collection of my paintings. Up to now I have only shown them in my local exhibitions and often they were returned with kisses chalked on the back of the frame, my enthusiasm diminished once I realized the crosses were rejects not even getting one “D” for doubtful.

I have always found painting in watercolours a challenge often trying to correct the previous brush stroke, constantly chasing the image around the paper trying to capture the inspiration I had visualized when I started the painting.

With so many instant art forms and other creative mediums to choose watercolour painting is becoming a dying art. The impact of the medium is seductive with many an artist quickly moving on to more controllable mediums. I am too stubborn to give in and will continue to create a large pile of rejects; but hopefully with a gem amongst them.

In the last few years I have painted in Oils but as yet still very much a novice.

Once I had more hair
Watercolour painting
St Leonards Church Bengeo
Oil painting from a photo
Hertford Lock, one of my few oil paintings
Waiting on the tide
The magic of watercolour, I dared not alter any of the errors it had or its essence would have vanished
A watercolour demostration painting
The Last Milking
The Old Gate House
The Old Gate House