40 Orchids of Mexico & Guatemala, my search for those orchids

I have so far 22 of those orchids in my collection, however orchid have a habit of fading away or other surprises occur. The Epidendrum Stamfordianum I have is sulking, slow to grow and I am not sure if it will prosper in my collection. With Britain’s bureaucratic policies and absorbent pricey import costs acquiring those missing orchids to complete the collection will be a difficult challenge. I believe the general publics perception of orchids is; they are a cheap expendable throw away items as they are so easly replaced. When it comes to growing an orchid collection in the UK, it is a frustrating challange every step of the way, only for fools like me.

I was once given advice on how to make a small fortune selling orchids, he said ” Start of with a large fortune, Your money will soon disappears!

Epidendrum stamfordianum I photographed in Costa Rica
Rhynchostele bictoniensis
It is always sad to see an orchid which grew so well for years start to fade away Rhynchostele bictoniensis developed a rot and that was its demise.

This Guarianthe aurantiaca was attacked by meally bug and lost. A stupid mistake for not paying enough attension to the health of the plant. Now replaced with the plant on the right

Chysis Laevis which I had established from a bare root import finally flowered, great  however it has turned out to be a very nice Chysis bractescens.

I will slowly find the remaining orchids and with any luck see them flower in my collection.

Only 18 more to find and grow succesfully?

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