Test Temple Bar

Sir Christopher Wren’s Temple Bar, London’s old Gateway

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Sir Christopher Wren’s Temple Bar. This was the last surviving gateway into London and was removed in 1878 as it restricted the busy streets. As it was a significant monument it was stored then re-erected in Theobalds park

It was a warm summers day and as I quietly painted deer were crossing the overgrown drive leading up to the neglected gateway, now fenced off with a tall vandalised chain linked fence. It was a gorgeous spot in the park with the occasional walker and riders also passing by.

l like to complete paintings in a rapid style using wet into wet which gives the paintings a sparkle and vibrant colours without being overworked. The painting did not take long and later only needed a few minor alterations.

I was honoured by having this painting selected as the image for Hertford Art Society’s poster promoting their 50th Exhibition

While researching information regarding this blog I came across a connection Temple Bar has to another of my paintings. Temple Bar was used to display the head of traitors.

Rye House Plot, 1683 to assassinate Charles II of England. The road running near Rye House Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire was to be the location of the assassination. Three conspirators, Russell, Sidney, and Armstrong were tried, convicted of treason, beheaded and their heads allegedly displayed from Temple bar on spikes.

The Old Gate House
The Old Gate House of Rye House

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