Dendrobium bigibbum hybrid

One of the many orchids readily available in the garden centres is Dendrobium bigibbum hybrid; it’s a dream orchid for the seller and has exact qualities required. An upright growing habit Good flower count with a gorgeous colour Multiple spikes Challenging to keep after the flowers have faded With the right care it is ideal for windowsill growing but were as Phalaenopsis grow throughout the … Continue reading Dendrobium bigibbum hybrid

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Caring for Phalaenopsis

Thousands of Phalaenopsis are sold every year and the vast majority of them never get to flower again. Just because the orchid was bought cheap in a store, this should not be reflected in the way it is discarded after it has flowered. The young plants have rewarded us with their beauty and we in return should care for them.   They will flower again!  Perhaps … Continue reading Caring for Phalaenopsis