Caring for Phalaenopsis

Thousands of Phalaenopsis are sold every year and the vast majority of them never get to flower again. Just because the orchid was bought cheap in a store, this should not be reflected in the way it is discarded after it has flowered. The young plants have rewarded us with their beauty and we in return should care for them.   They will flower again!

 Perhaps the way you care for the Phalaenopsis is a flection on how you view the world. Look after it and you will be rewarded.

White Hybrid Phalaenopsis

Some simple advice for Phalaenopsis care

Keep them at a nice room temperature  

Water them and let them drain. The compost should be moist not soggy. Phalaenopsis cannot swim unless they have been taught about hydroponics

Keep out of bright sunshine, wrinkly floppy leaves are not desirable

 Feed them the formula as stated on the plant food bottle.

Give us a drink please!!

Getting Phalaenopsis to flower again

The orchid can flower at any time of the year and then remain with flowers for months

To initiate the Phalaenopsis to flower, it may need a temperature drop, move the orchid to a cooler place in the house for a while as this often helps produce a now flower spike.

Whats that, it’s a Kiki?

There is always the chance your happy orchid will have a baby. A plantlet can form from a node on the flower spike and once it is has formed its own roots can be cut and potted as a new plant.

It’s a Kiki?
O, are my roots showing!!
A Happy little orchid flowering away for years

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