There was a hole in my blanchetii dear Lisa………

Oncidium blanchetii

The hole in the psudo bulb

Last autumn when I was buying some orchids I noticed a hole in the newest pseudo bulb of Oncidium blanchetii but as the plant looked health and no alternative available, I continued with my purchase. Fortunately for me the culprit had already vacated its residency. I had seen pseudo bulbs before with holes and the plants have survived without any issues. Even with this large cavity the orchid pushed up a flower spike in the spring which kept growing and I kept lowering the orchid so the spike did not get damaged on the roof of the green house. However I have to say disappointment set in as one small flower appeared along with a diminutive side spike. Yes the flower was attractive bright yellow.  Having the orchid in flower, I was now concerned with its long term prospects as I could not see any new roots or shoots and took the decision to repot with spike.  Since then the orchid has been a joy to watch as a succession of flowers have arrived over the last three months with more to follow. I also have the new side shoot which is growing well. Next year I will not be too quick to judge an orchid by its initial spike. As for care I found some excellent information in the book “Orchid Species Culture” by BarkerM and Barker C. Coming from Southeast Brazil it is cool growing and tolerates my overwatering.

New growth from current flowering bulb
Oncidium blanchetii, flowering and branched

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