Masdevallia regina

Masdevallia regina comes from Peru and grows at about 1000 metres. This orchid has been in my collection for about three years, bought as a bare root import. I was pleased to see this particular orchid had sent up three new leaves early this year. Carefully I watered the plant so as not to overwater it as I have seen well grown new leaves on Masdevallias turn soft and rot off.

Masdvallia regina

 I started noticing my two new leaves begin to lean over which a watering soon resolved the issue however I was most surprised to see this happen again when I thought the compost was still quite wet.  With no other option apart from pulling the plant out of the pot to check the root condition I decided to give it another drink.

I now have two very upright leaves beginning to unfold. Watering orchids is a fine balancing act, getting it just right, with some liking to be drenched often, is a tricky business. The orchid flowered for me last year but I made the mistake of cutting the inflorescence after the flower had faded not realising it flowers again from the same inflorescence

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